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You witness that a person is beating a dog on the streets. Dog has not got any serious injuries but is limping. Which are the best possible sections applicable for this offence from the below choices?

As per The India Constitution, which article mentions that it’s a fundamental right of a citizen to be passionate towards animals?

A dog has been poisoned and killed. Which is the most important section applicable?

Can Co-operative housing societies impose penalty fee if pets are using elevators?

Is it advisable to trespass any private/public property to feed community dogs/cats without any prior permission, since this is one’s fundamental right to be passionate towards other living creature?

Selling parrots is a violation of?

It is legal to relocate any community dog if they are not vaccinated and sterilized. Is the statement correct?

Which section of PCA Act, 1960 is applicable when someone abandons any animal which render it likely that it will suffer pain by reason of starvation or thirst?

Is it advisable for pet owners take their dogs out for a walk unleashed?

Can someone cage/leash their pets 24*7?