“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

-Henry Ford

SAS India is glad to announce their associate partners and appreciate their efforts to come forward and work for animals. We as a team make sure that we provide help to maximum animals in need. As a team we are much stronger and effective and we wish to achieve milestone together in the welfare of animals and set a benchmark for others to join hands to be more passionate towards animals.



An Online Portal for Pet Adoption and Fostering “Our purpose in life is sharing my zeal for dogs but also ensuring your pet will live a long and healthy life. Ensuring nurturing care of pet is not just we do, that’s what we are passionate about”
  • Vipul Malhotra, Founder, DoobyDoo


Petxi is a Pune bases taxi service for animals having two verticals – The Pet Transport facility and the Stray Animal Transport facility

Call: +91-8390944337


Karma Foundation idolizes helping animals over vast geographical locations thereby funding treatment for animals on case to case basis through their team of volunteers.

Call: +91-8390944337

Twix and Butch

Twix and Butch Professional Pet Salon, Spa and Boutique is inspired by Twix (fawn Labrador) and Butch (Rescued Indie) owned by Shoba Bhobe. With association with SAS India, Twix and Butch Salon, agreed to help caregivers of our community dogs by giving them affordable rates for the grooming of the stray dogs. “I quit my profession as a lawyer to groom and work with dogs as my own dogs have inspired me to do this considering pet care is most vital part of owning a dog. Their highly animated presence in my life makes the salon a very lively, fun and high energy place for pets to get their various treatment from deep cleaning spa treatments, massages to haircuts and hairstyles”                                 -Shona Bhobe, Owner, Twix and Butch

Call: +91- 9764686911

Sahadev Yadav

A best dog trainer in town that has offered to help SAS India by training Community dogs adopted by society and offices at very affordable rates. “The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them” -Sahadev Yadav, Canine Trainer

Call: +91- 9665731110

Muddy Paws

A premium Pet Boarding Resort that offers both the Homestay and Kennel Services at affordable rates. Special rates for Indie Rescued Fur Babies. We believe in no tie-up policy. Our premier pet care services include overnight and Day Lodging, Doggy Day Camp, Dog and Cat Grooming, and we also have a Pet Taxi that can pick up your pets and bring them back home. Your pets will enjoy boarding and playing in our cheerful, relaxing, country-like setting.

Call: +91-9881398074

Paws Patter

Chandni Jumani is a firm believer in animism (everything has a soul or anima). She is also animal lover, and the combination of these two factors led her to do a course in animal communication to attune her senses and start a dialogue with them. Her main motivation to this, started after adopting the love of her life, my cat, Paws. She wanted to understand how she felt and have a conversation with her. She have been honing her skills and have been able to help people.

Call: +91- 9740282997

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